We have been raising beef cattle on Adventure Farm since 1950. Our practices are tried and true. We still stand proudly after droughts, hurricanes, booms and busts in the economy, the skyrocketing of fuel prices, increased government intervention (ie. the airport taking of our land over the years) and the growth of Albemarle County from a sleepy rural area with a small college town to a sprawling suburbia with shrinking farms and record number of eateries. We can’t complain. We love it here and we are not going anywhere anytime soon. After more than 60 years, we know what we are doing.We love our herd and we raise them with as much TLC as they can stand. 
The Angus-Salare cross produces a superior animal. Steers are bred, born and raised on Adventure Farm. They are grass fed and grain finished for superb marbling. There are no antibiotics and no hormones injected into the beef we sell. The cattle are raised entirely in open pastures. The steers are processed at T & E in Virginia, USDA inspected, dry aged 2-3 weeks and flash frozen. Enjoy the heritage of a real family farm. Real beef. Really good. 
Beef available for purchase at the 
Adventure Tasting Room & Farm Shop.

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