Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dogs and Children

Adventure Farm & Vineyard is a family owned operation. My grandfather bought the farm in 1950 which extended to the middle of the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport, before the airport was built or any talk of an airport even existed. E. Morris Chisholm brought his bride to a rough piece of land, set in the middle of nowhere, a long, long way from the sleepy college town of Charlottesville. Gigi left her Kentucky homeland on the Ohio River and was stoic and strong and has always had a positive attitude and loving heart. She carried on and made Adventure Farm her new home.
Adventure Farm is a family first, family focused lifestyle. The farm setting itself holds our roots and keeps us bound to the reality of each day. The farm has always raised cattle and most recently a thriving vineyard. We like the idea of leasing some of the land to other farmers who can raise crops and animals to completely utilize the full potential of the land. Our goal is to continue the stewardship and produce all that we can for our community, special events and farm-to-table meals.
So, if you haven't stopped by, come check us out. The Tasting Room is open on 12-8 on Fridays , 12-6 Saturdays and Sundays (Except Sunday, November 15 we will close at 4:30 for a special Cider Week VA Food Truck Takeover Event).
Expect a relaxed setting, set beside a natural pond with a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The vernacular barn-like Tasting Room is rustic and has the beginnings of a favorite neighborhood bistro. The Pavilion is open and peaceful, surrounded by woods, gardens and lawn.
Come hang out, bring your family and friends. Bring your dog! There is space to run around. Space to sit quietly. Space to converse with someone close that maybe you haven't seen in awhile. Oh, and of course there is wine, delicious 100% estate grown wine, but don't just come for the wine. Come because you can really relax and enjoy your time here.
We would love to share our story and hear your impressions of Adventure Farm.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

VA Cider Week Food Truck Takeover

On November 15, from 5-8pm, Adventure Farm will host the VA Cider Week Food Truck Takeover.

You might ask, why would a vineyard host a Cider Week Event?

Cider Week VA Link

Well, its for a great cause. The event will benefit the Urban Agricultural Collective of Charlottesville.
Check out the UACC here
The UACC is a citizen-driven community coalition dedicated to improving the quality of life in Charlottesville's most challenged neighborhoods. They work to foster communication between people from different neighborhoods. When people who would not otherwise meet work side by side in the garden, they begin a conversation that helps break down the social barriers that separate them. By working together to grow and share healthy food, they creat a stron foundation upon which to build a healthier community. UACC is uniquely poised to ensure that urban agricultural land and fresh organic produce remain accessible to individuals with limited economic means living in downtown Charlottesville.

Hill & Holler is putting together the event. Hill & Holler is a roving farm dinner event company bringing farmers, chefs, winemakers, and the community together with the goal of enjoying a farm crafted dinner while raising funds for local food and agricultural organizations.


To find out more about the event and
Adventure Farm beef will be featured in the Charley's Chili Food Truck. In addition to being a vineyard we are a family-owned farm raising premium beef, antibiotic and hormone free, raised in open pastures, grass fed and grain finished for superb marbling. Our beef is dry aged, USDA inspected and flash frozen for the highest quality finished product.

Come on out and support farming in your community, taste Virginia cider, experience local food from some of the finest chefs around with the Food Truck Takeover and enjoy the Adventure Farm site.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Weekend Events

Get ready for a fun packed weekend!
If you haven't made it out to a Friday Night at the Tasting Room, October 30 is your last chance for this season.
Come out between 6-9pm and enjoy the Beatles tribute band Das Homage and Delicous Dishe Food Truck. Dress as your favorite Beatle or Yellow Submarine character. No admission fee.
It's been a great season with wonderful music & food. The community has supported our efforts and we have enjoyed meeting all the locals who have chosen Adventure Farm as their Friday destination.


If you would rather run through the haunted corn maze in the dark and get the scare of your life, come out Friday, October 30 or Saturday, October 31 to the Pole Barn Site at the Pumpkin Patch. The site is open from 6 until 9. For those of age, purchase a bottle of 100% estate grown wine and when darkness falls, venture through the corn maze. The charge is $10 per person and recommended for tweens, teens and adults. Not appropriate for young children under the age of 8.

The Pumpkin Patch will open one last day on Saturday, October 31st, Halloween, from 11-5. Come out and wander through the pumpkin patch. If you already have a pumpkin, you can still enjoy the barnyard animals, climbing hay mound, corn maze and hayride. Admission is $5 for ages 6 and older. Spend a few hours enjoying our vintage farm and relaxing with friends and family. 

At both the Fright Nights and the Pumpkin Patch, our 100% estate grown wine is available for sale.

Our local beef is for sale (grass-fed, grain finished in open pastures, no antibiotics or hormones, USDA inspected and dry-aged 3 weeks). 

Last orders are being taken for Thanksgiving Turkeys.
                                      ORDER YOUR KELLY BRONZE TURKEY HERE

Day or night, satisfy your immediate appetite with Charleys' Chili. Charley's food truck serves up amazing chili made with Adventure Farm beef. If you prefer our vegetarian version, try the chili made with our own pumpkins. Hot dogs go great with either. 
                                                CHECK OUT CHARLEY'S CHILI HERE
We hope to see you this weekend for the end of our fall festivities!

Stay tuned for our November schedule: Jazz, Cider Week in Virginia Food Truck Takeover, Christmas Tree Sale, Christmas weekend events with music, food & Santa and SO MUCH MORE!
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Monday, October 12, 2015

Please Vote

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

This is the most amazing turkey that I have ever eaten (besides the wild turkey my grandfather shot one year when I was a child, but that was a long, long time ago and if you shoot a wild turkey will you really hand pluck and dry age it?). If you are a foodie or value local food and heritage breeds and full, fresh flavor of real food... read on.

-Traditional pure breed, originating in Colonial America then bred in 
Cambridge, England from 1735 
-Slow growing breed bred for its texture
-Grown to full maturity allowing for more natural fat and marbling 
and bone marrow which adds extra flavor and makes its own gravy
-Cooks twice as fast as a normal turkey
-Free-range farming, fed a natural diet without hormones or 
growth promoters
-Dry hand plucked, traditionally hung and dry aged for tenderness 
(as was done in the USA 100 years ago)
Raised in Albemarle County
A family tradition & slow farming product.
Adventure Farm is taking Kelly Bronze Turkey Orders now!
Cost $11 per pound plus tax
Average size 13-16 lbs
Deposit required (5 lb or $55 plus tax)
Order at the Pumpkin Patch, Tasting Room or online at
Pickup your fresh, never frozen turkey about a week before Thanksgiving

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Weddings at Adventure Farm

Six years ago today, Charley and I got married on the farm. We planned the whole event, down by the lake. Locally grown flowers in handmade containers made by my mom set out on rustic farm tables. A tent and dance floor for Jim Waive and the New Divorcees. Boar's Head Balloon gave people tethered rides. Cupcakes from Crumbs in NYC. It was perfect and I am thankful!



We've had a couple of weddings here since then and are taking reservations for future weddings. It's a joy to share the farm and provide an experience that will last in your memories for all of your days. It is wonderful to bring two families together and make a new one of your own. Cherish all your days with those you love.

For more information on wedding and events at Adventure Farm, check out our Events Bookings tab or contact Jenny Oliver at 434.989.1515 or 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mother nature has been testing all farmers this past week. There is never a lack of excitement or adventure when your lifestyle and profession involves the land.

Sylvanaqua Farms' pigs decided to explore the farm, thinking the grass is always greener on the other side.

In spite of the crazy rain, we now have our grapes off the vines. Cabernet Sauvignon, always the last to come off and susceptible to fall hurricanes, came off today. 2015 has proved to be a roller coaster of a season, from wet to hot and dry to wet again. The season resulted in heavy production with exceptionally high quality fruit.
With excessive rain and more in the forecast, we have CANCELLED our Friday night music and food truck for October 2nd. We will have to catch up with Michael Clem & Thomas Gunn another night as well as Charley's Chili.
The Pumpkin Patch has also been CANCELLED for October 3rd & 4th. The excessive rain has prohibited our preparation and also threatens any chance of having a pleasant experience of Adventure Farm. Mark down October 10th & 11th for our official opening of the pumpkin patch season.

Even through the difficult days, there is always something bright and hopeful. Check out the new food truck which will be operated by Charley's Chili! We can't wait for him to dish up some of his delicious chili made with Adventure Farm beef. A vegetarian chili will also be on the menu, made with our own pumpkins. Satisfy your hunger at the Pumpkin Patch every Saturday and Sunday from 11-5pm, beginning October 10.