Tuesday, May 27, 2014


As my extended family gathered together this past weekend, we all agreed that our memories together revolved around food. For all of my life, I have looked forward to our reunions at Thanksgiving, Christmas, summer cookouts, weddings and even funerals. Our plates were always overflowing with southern, home-cooked meals and hearts were full of the bonds only a family knows.

As adults, we now appreciate the hours of work that stands behind a family meal. It was all invisible to us as children. The joy of eating around the table, laughing together and sharing stories was the thread that wove our web of family love together.

Around the farm, we work hard to make it all happen. Daily chores and special occasions ebb and flow like the seasons. We do our work with pride and gallant effort, trying not to tire or complain. We know the short term and long term value in what we create.

So this past Memorial weekend, our family came from near and far to celebrate the life of my Aunt. We raised a glass (or two) of Adventure Farm wine, ate mouth watering burgers off the grill and Charley's Chilli made with Adventure Farm Beef, cleaned the lettuce from the garden and tossed together the most delicious meal ever. We cherished the reunion, enjoying the present, sharing our lives, recalling the past and planning our next gathering.

All of our 6 children will be home for the Asado at Adventure Farm on June 7th and we expect a fair showing of our Virginia family and some cousins from Kentucky. We are looking forward to another family meal on the farm and most of all, excited to share it with our friends and the local community. To join us, reserve your space now with the advance purchase of a ticket (so we have enough grilled Adventure Farm beef and other meats for everyone!). Come enjoy the tradition of a family meal with Adventure Farm wine and local beer, Jim Waive and the New Divorcees will play music and memories will be created.

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