Friday, April 10, 2015

Small Things

I've taken to saving quotes. They fill me with inspiration and hope on days when life feels too overwhelming and everything seems stalled or going the wrong way. Instead of hiding them away in my Pinterest file, I write them on my chocolate brown chalkboard wall. My creative side has taken a backseat lately but drawing and writing on the wall seems to calm my nerves just enough.

With 3 weeks until opening day, yes, May 8, at High Noon, the great green gates will be thrown open with all caution to the wind as well. It might not be finished to my liking, it might not be perfect, but what in life is ever finished and perfect? I have learned a lot these past few months. It takes time to make things happen. It takes focus and multiple page lists to keep it all in check. It takes sleep and the support of my loving family.

It takes a village to realize a dream. I appreciate all the hard work from folks around me who help make things happen. We all have our jobs and we are all trying to make a living. It's not easy but it sure is nice when you can stay local and support each other in a building project. I love being the caretaker of my family's farm. There are lots of dreams and a long way to go, but we are on our way.

The best part is going to be welcoming our neighbors through the door, serving some wine and catching up on how long the winter was and how sweet spring has become. So come on out May 8, anytime after Noon. Between 6 and 9 in the evening, Jim Waive will play his soulful sounds. Have a glass of wine (Viognier is back! Rose is new! Gigi Red Blend and Chardonnay classically delicious), bring the whole family, bring your date, kick back, relax next to the pond, under our new pavilion, taking in the Blue Ridge sunset and most of all the friendship and companionship of each other.
Check out our new calendar page for all of the upcoming scheduled events. It's a work in progress, as is life, one day at a time, pursuing the dream and grateful for each moment here on Adventure Farm.


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