Friday, July 3, 2015

2014 Sparkling Brut is Released

Today is a special day for us here at Adventure Farm. The 2014 Sparkling Brut is available at our Tasting Room!
Made with 100% estate grown Chardonnay, the wine is crisp, bright, clean and refreshing. It has apple, citrus and flint flavors and is perfectly paired with most food groups.

The Sparkling Brut label is a tribute to our own Jane Ann. Her passing last spring was too early. We miss her bright smile and loving demeanor. Our Sweet Jane is still with us and we treasure all the wonderful memories. I'm sad that she didn't get to see her label but I think she would have been thrilled. I am thankful for all of her support and words of encouragement over the years.

A few words from her daughter, Cass.
"Jane Ann: daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, aunt, grandmother. Compassionate soul and stubborn redhead. Kindred spirit to animals. Lover of orchids and lilies. Traveler to lighthouses. Dancer to rock songs. Had a sparkling smile that could light up a room."

Jane Ann's sparkling light still shines in my heart and fills me with hope on dark days. 
Her words to me:
"Sweetheart, age doesn't mean a thing. Somebody decided what a year was and started counting. It means nothing. A youthful and artful spirit keeps one young forever."

So we will raise a glass today and toast to our Sweet Jane, to life and family. She is truly missed but not forgotten.

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