Tuesday, September 15, 2015


With the end of summer, the oncoming fall brings reflection and appreciation for family and all the support and love they give me.


Summer vacations have passed. All the wonderful moments shared with family and friends are memories richer than any material item that could have been purchased. Family meals offered sweet time for conversation, stories and laughter. With music we sang and danced, being silly and having more fun in the kitchen or on the beach than any big concert could ever bring. 



Children have gone backed to school, near and far. They grow physically and emotionally, becoming the unique individual people that they are meant to be. It is all so bittersweet, watching them rise to challenges and blossom.

 Autumn brings the busy harvest season to the farm and the work load seems endless. Each day is filled with small tasks which we take on to bring us closer to our goals and realize our dreams.

It is a blessing to be surrounded by those you love. Each moment with family and friends enriches our lives, strengthens our purpose and fuels our passions. Family makes all the work worthwhile. 


Thank you to my entire family and close friends who have believed in me, given support with positive words, presence and assistance. See you all sometime soon, at the next event on the farm, at the school events, birthdays and holidays. Looking forward to laughing and singing and making more valued memories.

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