Wednesday, October 7, 2015

This is the most amazing turkey that I have ever eaten (besides the wild turkey my grandfather shot one year when I was a child, but that was a long, long time ago and if you shoot a wild turkey will you really hand pluck and dry age it?). If you are a foodie or value local food and heritage breeds and full, fresh flavor of real food... read on.

-Traditional pure breed, originating in Colonial America then bred in 
Cambridge, England from 1735 
-Slow growing breed bred for its texture
-Grown to full maturity allowing for more natural fat and marbling 
and bone marrow which adds extra flavor and makes its own gravy
-Cooks twice as fast as a normal turkey
-Free-range farming, fed a natural diet without hormones or 
growth promoters
-Dry hand plucked, traditionally hung and dry aged for tenderness 
(as was done in the USA 100 years ago)
Raised in Albemarle County
A family tradition & slow farming product.
Adventure Farm is taking Kelly Bronze Turkey Orders now!
Cost $11 per pound plus tax
Average size 13-16 lbs
Deposit required (5 lb or $55 plus tax)
Order at the Pumpkin Patch, Tasting Room or online at
Pickup your fresh, never frozen turkey about a week before Thanksgiving