Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dogs and Children

Adventure Farm & Vineyard is a family owned operation. My grandfather bought the farm in 1950 which extended to the middle of the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport, before the airport was built or any talk of an airport even existed. E. Morris Chisholm brought his bride to a rough piece of land, set in the middle of nowhere, a long, long way from the sleepy college town of Charlottesville. Gigi left her Kentucky homeland on the Ohio River and was stoic and strong and has always had a positive attitude and loving heart. She carried on and made Adventure Farm her new home.
Adventure Farm is a family first, family focused lifestyle. The farm setting itself holds our roots and keeps us bound to the reality of each day. The farm has always raised cattle and most recently a thriving vineyard. We like the idea of leasing some of the land to other farmers who can raise crops and animals to completely utilize the full potential of the land. Our goal is to continue the stewardship and produce all that we can for our community, special events and farm-to-table meals.
So, if you haven't stopped by, come check us out. The Tasting Room is open on 12-8 on Fridays , 12-6 Saturdays and Sundays (Except Sunday, November 15 we will close at 4:30 for a special Cider Week VA Food Truck Takeover Event).
Expect a relaxed setting, set beside a natural pond with a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The vernacular barn-like Tasting Room is rustic and has the beginnings of a favorite neighborhood bistro. The Pavilion is open and peaceful, surrounded by woods, gardens and lawn.
Come hang out, bring your family and friends. Bring your dog! There is space to run around. Space to sit quietly. Space to converse with someone close that maybe you haven't seen in awhile. Oh, and of course there is wine, delicious 100% estate grown wine, but don't just come for the wine. Come because you can really relax and enjoy your time here.
We would love to share our story and hear your impressions of Adventure Farm.


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